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We have had a very difficult few years where the best in each of us has come to the fore, as well as what has not been so good. It is time to look ahead and make the right decisions, which necessarily entail sensible, healthy and effective conflict management.


To all those people with managerial responsibilities who want a sensible, healthy and effective management of conflicts. Directors and middle managers with team responsibilities Sellers and business advisors People in contact with the client Professionals who in their professional lives need to persuade and reach agreements Entrepreneurs
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What would you like to take away from the session?
Assessment of the current situation: Causes of conflicts and their consequences.
Empathy and communication : Case study: Bob Knowlton 
Conflict management and delegation : Case study : Chatanooga Ice Cream Division
How to lead conflict effectively | Workshop
Personal Action Plans and Public Commitments | Pitch Elevator Pitch


Designed to improve management effectiveness, enhance relationships and increase collaboration among team members for productivity, innovation and synergy. It provides the concepts, techniques and methods to be better and more efficient in the management of conflict situations.

1. Anticipate potentially conflictive situations and take action.
2. Intervene by mediating in interpersonal conflicts with the team.
3. Face conflicts calmly, without avoiding them.
4. Taking advantage of conflict as a learning opportunity
5. Manage emotions arising from conflict
6. Maintain an objective and impartial position in the conflict.


We will apply an active methodology that will allow the participant to abstract from their daily reality and delve into knowledge, analysis and challenges through conferences, individual study and teamwork. We will work with the case method, which presents a real business situation for the manager to analyze, discuss as a team and make the right decisions to achieve success. It is essential, for a good use of the course, the previous study of the academic material that will be provided before the start.





CONTACT US! We will be happy to explain the content of the program and clarify all your doubts.

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